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Waterline Group

Waterfront has advised Chris DeBrusk and Amrik Chawla, two of the founders of Waterline Gr...

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Waterfront has advised the shareholders of Botsphere in relation to the sale of the compan...

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Waterfront advised Codegent in relation to its acquisition of Thin Martian, a digital medi...

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Waterfront has advised Kubair Shirazee and Arif Ahmed, the founders of Ikonami, in relatio...

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Lookout Solutions

  Waterfront has advised Mark Boland, the founder of Lookout Solutions, in relation ...

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Rule Financial

Waterfront has advised Chris DeBrusk and Amrik Chawla, Joint Heads of North America and mi...

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Waterfront has advised David Mitchell, Jess Stephens and Paul Billington-Dykes, the founde...

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Fertecon Research Centre

Waterfront has advised Michael Mew and Ian Service, the founders of Fertecon Research Cent...

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Waterfront has advised Daniel Lee and Ian Parry, the founders of Globrix, in relation...

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Waterfront has advised Jonathan Kingsman, the founder of Kingsman, in relation to the Engl...

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Phillips McDougall

Waterfront has advised John McDougall and Matthew Phillips, the founders of Phillips McDou...

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Waterfront has advised Simon Prockter and Ben Tisdall, the founders of Speeddater, the lon...

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