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Virtual Data Protection Officer

In some European states it is now mandatory for many businesses to have an independent data protection officer. Data protection law is currently undergoing wholescale review by the European Commission and some experts expect the rules regarding appointment of a data protection officer to be rolled out throughout Europe within the next few years. In any event, if your business collects and uses personal data, particularly if this is done as part of your core offering, it is extremely important to ensure that you are complying with your legal requirements.

It is very common for businesses to engage a data protection and privacy expert to conduct an audit of its practices. Once the audit has take place, the business clearly needs advice and assistance to carry out any recommended changes and often to provide staff training as well to ensure that there are no future breaches.

Your “Virtual DPO” will do much more than that...

Every time your business changes its practices, it will need to assess the impact of those changes on its use of personal data. There will also be significant changes to the law over the next few years (as there have been over the last year or so). Your business needs ongoing support and advice from an expert in the field to ensure that you not only get up to date with the law but that your business, and most importantly your staff, stay that way.

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